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All of our flat roofing installations are completed to the manufacture specifications and all the flat roofing materials are of a high standard which will provide a flat roof that will stand the test of time and give our customers peace of mind and value for money. Ensure the roof covering is high quality. Ensure that it has an agreement or equivalent certificate and that it is laid in accordance with the instructions set out by the manufacturer. The design fall of a flat roof should never be less than 1 in 40 and it is vital that all water drains without ponding.

Generally, flat roof design should be avoided where possible as they have a relatively low life expectancy due to the high risk of leaking and condensation. For flat roofs, it should be noted that concrete flat roofs without covering are highly susceptible to leaks. For this reason, waterproof covering should be provided where concrete flat roofs are used.

Chipboard should never be used as decking for a flat roof (this includes prefelted chipboard). The timber used should be either Bond Class plywood or moisture resistant oriented strand board (OSB3) and the designer of the roof should be sure to use the correct decking for the correct purpose.

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